User Experience Design

One of the simplest things that could make or break your Web application is user experience. Present to them a user interface that is difficult to understand and use, and they would probably not come back to use your application again. Or worse, hate you for it.

User Experience Design
User Experience Design

Bad user experience could be brought about by something as simple as a button too small to click or maybe sloppy content. It may be because your users find it difficult to look for what they need or because you are using a graphic that is not to their liking.

User experience design is employing a set of best practices that would make your information:

  • Useful: Your information should answer a question, solve a problem or at least entertain.
  • Usable: The Web application or Web site should be easy to use, without users having to think about what to click or where to go.
  • Desirable: Your users should be able to like your information, image, brand, identity and other elements of the design. For instance, if they have to zoom in to read your text, and then zoom out to navigate the page, then they would be wasting a lot of their time using your Web application and this would leave a lot of room for disdain.
  • Findable: They should be able to find what they are looking for. And fast.
  • Credible: Your users should be able to trust you, or at least build their trust in you in order for them to believe in your information and for them to keep coming back.
  • Accessible: Content should be easily accessed, and users should be able to make use of the information you provide without having to go through a maze of pages and clicking on a gazillion buttons.

User experience design, however, is not a one-off process. You do not just tweak font sizes and buttons and be able to say that you have user experience design down pat. Instead, it starts early on with project management wherein you identify how your Web application or Web site is to be used. You research into the behaviors of your users and identify their needs. User experience also touches on information architecture, user interface design, interaction design, usability evaluation, visual design, content strategy, accessibility, and Web analytics.

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