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Web Development

Web DevelopmentAt Azonmedia we make the web development process very simple without confusing you with complex jargon and unnecessary headaches. We plan the process well in advance in conjunction with our clients, and we use the latest technologies which speeds the process and makes the system more future proof. As well as being proficient in HTML, PHP, CSS, HTML5 and javascript our development team can translate technical issues to you in plain simple English.

All our development is in house and we do not outsource to any third party and our staff are at hand to react quickly to issues and client requests. We have built numerous complex sites for clients worldwide with multiple languages, geo-targeted content generation, e-commerce sites, intranets, extranets, analytics platforms and bespoke web applications.

We love to be challenged and no project is too small or too big for our team of coders.


Discover and Define

We listen carefully to our clients to discover their in depth needs to enable us to get a clear understanding of the business needs, the competition, how we think your customers or staff will interact with the system and the overall goal of what you are trying to achieve. We then take this all this and translate it into technical documentation and provide you with simple answers to the issues and offer you a robust complete solution.

Web DevelopmentDeploy

Depending on the existing architecture and current platforms our involvement at this critical stage will almost seem like an extension of your company. This is the stage where the pre-built systems which have been tested thoroughly are deployed and managed. Everything is handled very carefully and usually outside your core business hours having minimal impact on your day to day business. Our processes and are very rigorous when it comes to deployment, this is to ensure a careful and practical delivery of your solution.