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Facebook Development

Facebook DevelopmentThese days social network sites are just as important as search engine optimization and people are easier to reach through viral marketing using social networking sites and the cost difference is minimal in comparison to expensive SEO companies who will charge large sums for ranking just for a certain period of time. Its an on going cost which cripples a lot of small companies. Once you have created a successful list of followers then its just a matter of maintaining that list with valid information.

Facebook is vital to a successful marketing campaign and how your profile is presented on Facebook and the information you present to people is extremely important. Are your posts relevant enough for people to share them and to make them click through. When someone lands on your Facebook page its very similar to a website, first impressions count. Do you have a beautiful landing page and is there relevant information that is currently up to date?

  • FBML Design and Development
  • FBJS Forms Development
  • Customized Landing Pages
  • Embedded Product Catalog Pages
  • Application Development

Using FBML and FBJS it is possible to have nice looking pages with some advanced functionality like:

  • Embedding forms in Facebook that rely on FBJS/AJAX/JSON to send information
  • Creating pages using FBJS/AJAX/JSON to pull information from another live site. Our Guzaba CMS is specially geared for that as it can provide all its output as JSON without any modification to the code or the content required.
  • Nice animations that rely on the Facebook's own Animation library


And of course by developing a custom Facebook application no matter what software your site uses we can bring its content to a tab in your Facebook page.