Responsive Design

With all the mobile devices coming out, all having different screen sizes and features, it is very impossible to design a page specifically for each device. You certainly cannot design different pages for the desktop, the iPhone, and all the flavors of Android. And you cannot possibly know what devices are coming out in the future. Unfortunately, a Web site or a Web application is rendered unusable if your users cannot view it properly, or if they cannot interact with it as easily as they would have liked.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

So do you just give up and design your Web application only for the most popular devices and forget the rest of your customers using other devices?

Thankfully, you can work with Azon Media and use responsive design for your online properties. Responsive design allows you to display your Web applications perfectly on any device. That means that your users would no longer have to resize, pan or scroll too much.

Responsive design involves fluid layouts, flexible images, CSS3, proportion-based grids, and other design principles. You can also use it to serve up the appropriate content depending on the devices used. This is very important because more than half of any site's traffic now comes from mobile devices. Responsive design allows you to put your best foot forward no matter what device users use.

Azon Media helps you take advantage of this technology when you task us with your Web application or Web site. With years of expertise among our design team and constant update of technology, coupled with proven best practices, we can make sure that your Web site displays properly on any device. You can use just one set of pages and that helps you rank high on search engine rankings.

Reach the most number of audiences and show them your best with Azon Media.