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AzonMobile QR Code Management and Tracking SystemAzonMobile is a QR Code Management and Tracking system made for helping businesses generate, organize and track QR Codes. It provides you with all the tools you need when dealing with QR Codes - a generator with advanced features for styling, QR Code Reader which you can use to regenerate raster codes into vector, Geolocation tracking, QR Code and campaign statistics comparison, self hosted tracking, permissions and users, API.

You can create a free account to get the Basic package using your Facebook or Twitter account or with your email.


Guzaba CMSGuzaba is an open source web based CMS that aims to provide a very user friendly interface using drag & drop, tree navigation structure,  Windows like file manager (with cut & paste) and to provide some advanced functionality like permissions, roles, versioning and more...


Guzaba FrameworkGuzaba Framework is the base of Guzaba CMS. It provides the core functionality of the system - object versioning, security framework (object permissions, hierarchical roles structure, privileges), ORM, MVC. Developers can use it as a feature rich base of their web apps.