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Guzaba CMS

Guzaba is an open source Content Management System developed by Azon Media. It can help you build a powerful website, publishing system, online store without needing custom development - it can be as simple and as powerful as you need it. If you are developer you can use Guzaba CMS and its underlying framework to develop a custom web application and this way you will have some advanced features  like Role Based Access Control and content revisions out of the box. The list of basic features includes:

  • WYSIWYG editor - TinyMCE with custom extensions for inserting images, links, multimedia &  predefined content
  • Windows Explorer like file manager with a three and icon view, with copy/paste, drag & drop functionality
  • Products catalog with image gallery & different discount options
  • Image galleries with automatic image resize
  • Easy to navigate user interface - everything is presented in a tree structure with context menus (with right click)
  • Fully customizable meta tags (per item or per site) and URL rewriting (customizable by class tо items or per single item)
  • Automated update of the links in the pages when the linked page title or URL rewriting changes
  • Workarea for most used documents as well a Recent Documents menu

The security model of Guzaba is very flexible - you can have one Super User or you can break down everything in different departments with no interaction in between or with defined rules for exchanging data and separation of duties. Combining the power of the RBAC and the content revisions you can build a powerful publishing/digital content delivery system. The list of more advanced features includes:

  • Revisions for pages, products, blogs and news - you don't loose the old version and can create unpublished drafts waiting for review
  • Hierarchical Role-Based Access Control with multiple roles, users, operations, permissions and optional privileged users/roles
  • Every object in the system (page, product, user, etc.) has its own permissions as well every single revision of the objects has its own
  • Automatic validation of the HTML of content (internally is converted to XHTML - a valid XML document)

More information including downloads for Guzaba CMS can be found at its own site - http://guzaba.org.