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Azonmobile Product Release


After what seems like an eternity of hard work and many tears Azonmobile.com
is almost out of BETA.

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Apple's iPhone 5S to include fingerprint identification and NFC?


There is little known about the next generation iPhone, but there have been leaks of its hardware characteristics and some circuitry that Apple is intending to incorporate into it.

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More Galaxy SIV details leaked


On the 14th of March Samsung will be wrapping off their latest Galaxy device in an event in New York.

Samsung has skipped the MWC as an announcement point and now everyone is waiting to see what will the company bring to compete with the iPhone.

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Apple filed a patent that may allow users to loan or resell digital content


Apple has filed a new patent for a platform that may allow users to loan or resell their digital content.

The application was actually filed in 2011 and 2012, but it was recently revealed and might mean that it will be possible to pass ebooks, music or games to friends without having them to buy a copy themselves.


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The Galaxy SIII with screen lock vulnerability


It turns out that the iPhone is not the only smartphone that has a screen lock vulnerability that may allow others to unlock your device by pressing some buttons to bypass the lock screen.

A user is able to bypass the lock screen of a Galaxy SIII with the right timing and with just a few button presses.

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Samsung's Galaxy line are the most popular smartphones in the United States


Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones is the most popular Android devices in the United States, according to Animoca mobile publisher.

There is no surprise that the Galaxy SIII is on top of the chart with 8.8% market share. The Galaxy SII is second with 6%.

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Sony to reveal a successor to the Xperia Z this summer


In the Xperia Blog Sony has revealed details of a handset with a codename C670X, which is falling in the same line with the Xperia Z ID – C660X.

The Xperia Z is only 2 months old but it seems that Sony is on its way to announce another powerful device.

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Visa launches Visa Ready Partner project


Visa has revealed its new Visa Ready Partner project to accelerate the adoption of new payment services and help people migrate from cash to mobile payments.

The project is targeting companies such as network operators, technology and mobile handset manufacturers to help them catch up with the complexity of mobile payments and to access the Visa IP and licenses.


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Samsung confirms March 14th release date for the Galaxy SIV


Samsung has confirmed that its most expected Android device of the year will be revealed in just a couple of weeks.

The company confirmed that the device will debut on March 14 in a New York event.

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Google to possibly open stand alone stores in the US


9 to 5 Google is reporting that Google is about to open retail stores in major metropolitan areas in time for this years shopping season, according to “an extremely reliable source”.


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Skype usage is over 1/3 of all global phone traffic


Latest report from Tele Geography is showing that global Skype usage is over 1/3 of all telephone traffic, which is a record level.

The data also shows that the phone traffic increased with 5% in 2012 to almost 500 billion minutes and at the same time Skype video and voice traffic increaced with 44% to 168 billion minutes.

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Macmillan joins US publishers, Apple left alone to fight over e-book pricing


Macmillan has joined the other US publishers in the settlement of the e-book price fixing case leaving Apple to fight alone. The case alleges that Apple cooperated with Simon&Schuster, Harper Collins, Penguin, Hachette and Macmillan to prevent other retailers such as Amazon from lowering the e-book prices. Harper Collins, Simon&Schuster and Hachette settled immediately with the Department of Justice in April 2012, but Apple, Macmillan and Penguin has decided to fight in court.

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BlackBerry is not concerned about Windows Phone 8 competition


BlackBerry's director in the UK and Ireland, Rob Orr has stated that the company does not fear competition from Windows Phone 8.

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iZettle launched its services in the UK


The Swedish company iZettle, which is compared to Square in the US, has announced that it has launched its services in the United Kingdom.
The service is working with an application and a reader that plugs into a mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Announcing Boelbox - An Accountancy Management Platform in a Box


In Bulgaria where paper is still king, accountancy and the paperwork surrounding accounts in general can usually be measured in meters.
One young accountant Pavel Vladimirov has designed and developed a platform that allows accountants and SME's to manage all their accountancy related documents
in one place.

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Internet Explorer with a massive security hole, switch to another browser!


Rapid7 security forum has stated that IE 7,8 and 9 running on Windows XP, 7 and Vista is containing a "zero day exploit", allowing hackers to access personal data while the user is browsing.

IE users must consider switching or upgrading to another browser after the security flaw was discovered.

Rapid7 states that the "zero day exploit" is giving hackers the same privileges as the user.

It also states that 42% of the United States and 32% of the global IE users could be affected.

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Apple passes 2 million preorders in 24 hours


Apple's press release is showing that the iPhone 5 preorders have passed 2 millions in the first 24 hours, exceeding the demand of Apple's previous releases. These numbers are twice as much as the iPhone 4S preorders saw and almost four times as those for the iPhone 4.

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Samsung expects the Galaxy S III to reach the mark of 30 million


The Galaxy S III, Samsung's flagship smartphone, has surpassed 20 million in sales within 3 months and those figures are making the device the most successful Samsung smartphone.

Samsung does not expect the sales to decrease any time soon and now is turning its attention to the next target – 30 million units.

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Mobile payments will reach over $1 trillion by 2017


A research made by Juniper Research, based on the NFC acceleration and the sale of goods over mobile devices is showing that between now and 2012, the mobile market will expand almost 4 times and will reach nearly $1.3 trillion.

The data in the report is suggesting that the increase in the mobile payments industry will be driven from the sale of products purchased online and in mortar and brick stores via NFC devices.

These two types of transactions will make up to 54% of the mobile payments and will be given a significant push from factors such as the availability of NFC infrastructure, as well as the large amount of mobile and card provider's engagement in mobile commerce.

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The International Trade Commission determined that Apple did not violated Motorola's patents


We reported earlier today, that some of Apple's devices, including iPad, the iPhone and Mac computers could be banned from import as part of a filling that Motorola made last week.

However, luck is definitely on Apple's side as not only that the jury in the Samsung case has ruled on their favor, but now that the ITC suit between Motorola and Apple has ruled that Apple does not violates the patents in question.

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Seoul court bans 10 Samsung devices and 4 Apple products


The Seoul court has ordered Samsung to stop selling ten products immediately, including the Galaxy S2, and banned four Apple products, including the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4.

There a lots of design similarities between the Galaxy S and the iPhone, such as large screens and rounded corners, but those were documented in previous devices, the judge said, given that it is very limited to make design changes in touch screen smartphones in general, and Samsung adopted different camera design and characterize its devices with three buttons in the front, he added.

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Panasonic announced an application that remotely control their Panasonic home appliances


Panasonic has announced a new mobile application that will enable Panasonic smart home appliances owners to remotely monitor and operate them via Android device.

The Smart App is scheduled for launch in September and it will operate with refrigerators, health care devices, kitchen appliances and air conditioners


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Microsoft opened the registration form for the Windows 8 upgrade promotion


With W8's launch this autumn, many of the existing users were annoyed becaouse their computer is preinstalled with W7 when W8 is coming out in a few more months.

Microsoft, however, responded with an announcement, claiming that anyone who bought a computer with preinstalled W7 between the 2nd of June 2012 and the 31st of January 2013 can upgrade to Windows 8 for $14.99.

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Westpac Australia launches an NFC trial along with MasterCard


Westpac Bank Australia has started an NFC trial along with MasterCard that will place the MasterCard PayPass debit card application onto SIM cards running on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The project will run for 3 months and is being trialed among 100 bank vendors and employees.

The application is running on SIM cards provided by Optus telecom, although the telco is not taking a role in the project.

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StarHub Singapore to provide an NFC wallet


StarHub Singapore has announced their SmartWallet, an NFC wallet that will allow users to make contactless payments and redeem coupons.

With DBS Bank, EZ-Link card issuer and Gemalto NFC provider, StarHub carrier is the fourth of the consortium of companies that won Singapore's government contract in 2011.

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CiCi's Pizza and Coca-Cola Racing with QR Code campaign


Coca-Cola Racing Family and CiCi's Pizza are in partnership to provide their consumers access to unique team content using QR Codes displayed on a limited edition cups.

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Azonmedia launches QR Code Management and Tracking platform AzonMobile.com


Azon Media  is delighted to announce the launch of its new QR Code Management and Tracking platform, AzonMobile.com. This is the only platform of its kind which allows users to track direct URLs as part of their campaign using the Self Hosted Tracking. It also allows for generation of highly customized QR Codes by allowing the users to choose from different shapes and set background and foreground colors and/or images.

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AzonMedia to build Baileys Plant hire website for Kenya


AzonMedia are happy to announce that we have been commissioned to build Bailey sPlant Hire websites for both Bulgaria & Kenya. We look forward to building both Portals for the Bulgarian and the Africa market.

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Greatsalts.com gone live


Azon Media have just completed Greatsalts.com - an online store for gourmet salts. It is based on the Shopify platform - we had to design and implement a template for it.

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Igeos.net upgraded


We have completed the upgrade of Igeos.net - Guzaba CMS is added for content management and we have built a Wordpress template based on their existing design so the site has blogging capability as well.

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