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Mobile is now one of the strongest emerging channels over the last few years and it is not going anywhere soon. With the recent uplift in smartphone sales a new way of accessing the internet has evolved and it could spell disaster for a number of offline companies if they do not take action. Your competitors have already taken action and maybe it is time you should.

The statistics simply cannot be ignored.

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  • Every 2 seconds a sale is executed on eBay through a smart phone
  • PC sales have fallen behind and smartphone sales have emerged victorious
  • 28% of internet usage now is generated on smart phones
  • Transactions for 2011 were $210 billion USD
  • 53% of adults use their smart phone to access the internet

These are 5 staggering facts that simply cannot be ignored!

Consumers shopping/purchasing patterns are changing in a big way. Most local searches are now done on smart phones and guess what, most local businesses are not mobilized.

As mobile experts we can help get your business mobilized for a very cost effective price. Get in touch with one of our team for a free consultancy on how mobile can help your business. We can also explain the benefits of SEO for your mobile site and how you can be steps ahead of your competitors.

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