Let's talk Geek!

Struggling with a Web application that is too complex or too difficult? Or a Web site that you simply have no time for? Let's talk.

Azon Media has the expertise and the technology to make even your most difficult projects become a reality. Not only that, but working with us feels like you have your own in-house development team. That is how easy we will make it for you. Just tell us what you need and what you want your Web site to do and we will make it happen.

Let's talk Geek!

What you need to do when you work with Azon Media

1. Talk to us. Tell us what the objectives and the goals are for your Web application or online site. Tell us how you want it to look. And don't forget all the functionality you want featured: from e-commerce, to embedded videos, to smart forms, and pages designed to engage your customers. No limits!

2. Let us get to know you. Give us everything we need to get to know your products, your people and your company. We believe that your Web application or Web site should reflect your brand and should show what your company stands for. We also determine who your target audience is. These information help give us a starting point as far as design elements and branding are concerned. We dive deep into your business to ensure that you have a Web application or site that would not only meet your needs but also strengthen your brand.

3. Sit back, relax and be pleasantly surprised. Our work is our best advertisement. Join the long and prestigious list of clients that we have had the pleasure of working with. We submit our deliverables on time or even ahead of schedule and we guarantee satisfaction every step of the way.

What you do not see (but happens anyway)

  • Meticulous planning. With the information you give us, we develop a strategic plan for your Web presence, as well as a site map that lists all the main topics and categories for your site or application.
  • Multiple brainstorming sessions. Because two heads are better than one and a team of genius is a whole lot smarter than just two heads, we work with the plan we developed and architect your Web application.
  • Days of coding and programming. This stage includes drawing up the look and feel of the app or site and the actual development. At this point, we would be soliciting your input to see what you like or dislike about the site's design by giving you access to a client portal and letting you see a working mock up of the site. No surprises, and it will give you the opportunity to tell us if you need anything changed.
  • Hours of copy writing and editing. Content is king for your Web presence and we make sure you get the best content that is relevant, informative and entertaining.
  • Testing and fine-tuning. Even when the site has been designed and when the very last piece of content is written, that still does not mean that our work is done. Azon Media takes pain to test everything about your Web application or Web site. From compatibility issues, to viewing issues, to load times and other potential problems, we iron all the kinks out so your customers do not get a bad experience accessing your Web site or using your Web application.

Struggle no more with Azon Media. Let us do all that for you.

Getting your customers to come back

Azon Media can also help you with your Web site updates. Plan on posting new content or perhaps on introducing a new product because this is a sure-fire way to get people to check you out regularly. On top of that, we can also do your back-end maintenance for you.

Azon Media is the painless and stress-free way of getting your Web application done and your Web site live. Call us at +359 (2) 422 54 30 or shoot us an e-mail at office@azonmedia.com and let's get the ball rolling.