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Azon Media launches QR Code Management and Tracking platform AzonMobile.com


Azon Media  is delighted to announce the launch of its new QR Code Management and Tracking platform, AzonMobile.com.

QR Codes also known as “Quick Response” Codes were first invented in Japan in 2004 by Denso Wave, and were initially used for tracking automotive parts. Since the widespread use of QR Codes as a marketing tool they have now penetrated mainstream business and markets worldwide with such countries as USA, Germany and France leading the growth.

AzonMobile is the only platform of its kind which allows users to track direct URLs as part of their campaign. Most systems currently available on the market only allow clients to track shortened URLs which can sometimes create a misleading user experience. With AzonMobile's robust platform, not only can you track direct URLs but as part of our self hosting solution, in the unlikely event of our platform has an outage issue, your campaign will still continue to work. When issues are resolved the self hosting continues to push information back to our secure server and no information will be lost in the process.

QR Codes can be tracked on a real-time basis using the platform. Designed to help users create standard or customized QR Codes that are compact and therefore scan more reliably. AzonMobile  has been created to make it effortless for marketers and businesses of all sizes to generate, manage and track QR Codes therefore taking complete advantage of this new marketing tool.

Azonmobile also offers a wide variety of functions which include the creation of custom QR codes. Not only can you choose the shape and size of the QR Code, you can also choose the format you would like the QR Code to be saved and/or exported in. This is very convenient when you need to produce a very high quality print which would be suitable for billboards or detailed printing needs. Add colour and background or foreground images to your QR Codes to bring them to life for adding another dimension to your campaign.

Utilising our simple to use interface, AzonMobile allows businesses and marketers to create QR Code campaigns and change them dinamically without damaging the campaign. Compare campaigns using our campaign comparison tool and view graphs for each campaign even down to street level using the Gelocation functionality.

Import QR Codes and regenerate the QR Codes in higher quality using our built in QR Code Reader. Build your own interface using our robust API.

AzonMobile is an answer to today's needs for an all round QR Code Solution which gives the flexibility and reporting needs that marketers and businesses crave.

Co Founders, Patsy O'Connor and Vesselin Kenashkov commented on the launch.

We are very excited about the launch of Azonmobile, our comprehensive QR Code Management and Tracking Platform. The system gives businesses the option to create, manage and track multiple QR Code campaigns and compare the results. We feel brands will find great value in our self hosted tracking solution which allows the tracking of direct URLs. At the moment we have a seen a huge rise in the demand for QR Codes and some very exciting brands are now turning to the more dramatic 2D codes that are currently sweeping across the USA and Europe. The coming months are going to be very exciting for QR Codes and mobile marketing.