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Android QR Code & Generator Updates


Azonmedia have now updated their QR Code Generator which allows the following extra options.

- Android Wifi Network
People using Android devices can scan this code and it will automatically connect to the passworded wifi network. Perfect solution for Restaurants and bars if people want to have a locked wifi connection. No more asking your staff the same question, what is the wifi called and whats the password!

- Android Market Search
This useful option allows you to input the application name and generate
a QR Code based on this and brings back a list from Android Marketplace
with the aplications that match that name.

- Update Twitter Status
Great for venues to use with predefined Twitter text. This way the people can let their friends know where they are by updating their Twitter status just be scanning a QR code!

We have also added the following options.
- 3 Vector Formats - PDF, EPS and SVG
These scalable formats are suitable for any size print.

- Background Color
Now you can change not only the foreground color but also the background. Using this you can generate inverted QR codes (where the background is darker that the color or the qr code) but dont forget that not all readers support these! 

Try the updated generator here

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